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February 10, 2007

Exclusive! Now Aerobeat vol. 1 CD is available for free download in original tempo (slower then original CD presented on the site) ~130 BPM 32-count,
choose a site to download from: 2
the tracklist and more info is in Music section.

February 6, 2007

Added new CD Aerobeat vol. 3 138 - 145 BPM

February 1, 2007

Added several Solid-Sound CDs: Low Impact 18, Step Latin 5, High-Low Club Mix 17, HI-LO Aerobics UK 3, High-Low Club Mix Best Of 2005.

January 30, 2007

Added new CD Evbest Music - 100% Spirit Of Yoga

January 24, 2007

Added new CD Evbest Music - Relaxing Yoga

January 22, 2007

Added new CD Solid-Sound Hi Impact Aerobics - Best Of 2004
142 - 154 BPM

January 20, 2007

AEROBEAT - music for workouts & fitness CD series - official site opened!

Here you can get acquainted and purchase music CDs for fitness: aerobics, step, thai-bo, kickboxing, cycle etc.

By the time of opening there are 2 AEROBEAT comilations available, later the CD catalogue will be constantly updated with new AEROBEAT compilations and CDs of othere series.
To find out the details about CDs and to listen to the snippets visit Music area.

To order the CD you like fill out the ordering form.
The CDs are sent out within Russia cash on delivery, the cost of each CD is indicated in the catalogue.
Residents of other countries can order CDs with payment forward, the details of payment and delivery are stipulated sepately.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions contact us!

All the CDs presented on the site can only be used in the framework of fitness / aerobics lessons by certified fitness trainers!
Sale, resale, copying or any other use of the CD's are forbidden!